Will machine translation replace human translation?

Will machine translation replace human translation?

Translation helps people, businesses and countries to communicate their thoughts and ideas with each other. Most people typically use a translation company or a freelance translator for their translation needs. However, over the last few years, machine translators have become another popular way to have documents translated. One question currently trending is whether or not machine translation will replace human translation? I think both have their purposes, it just depends on what kind of projects you have.

Translation is a complicated process of converting a message in the source language into the target language. One of the hardest parts about translation is keeping the original meaning. Human translators must be able to know cultural references, expressions, slang, the tone, etc. Human translation usually takes longer and may be more expensive than machine translation, but it is usually more reliable and gives you a better translation. For large projects with important meanings, human translation is probably best for your company.

Machine translation has come a long way over these last few years. Some free machine translators only provide a literal, word-for-word translation, which creates inaccurate translations. However, other machine translation services are able to provide quality translations for smaller content, straight-forward projects. Depending on the volume of data and costs of human translation, machine translation might be the right solution for your company.

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