Trouble sleeping? Here’s 5 Tips to Help You Sleep Better

Trouble sleeping? Here’s 5 Tips to Help You Sleep Better

Many people struggle getting the amount of sleep they need, which can take a major toll in their life. Sleep affects many aspects of your life from your energy, physical and mental health and productivity. So how can you improve your sleep? Making a few changes to your bedtime routine can largely impact how well you sleep. Here are 5 tips that can help improve your sleep and give you the energy you need:

Create a sleep routine

The amount of recommended hours of sleep for a healthy adult is seven hours. Make sure you go to bed on time to get around eight hours of sleep. Determine a time to go to bed and wake up each morning and be consistent. Create a good sleeping environment by making it dark, cool and quiet.

Eliminate screen time before bed

Don’t use light-emitting screens an hour before bedtime. The light from screens makes it more challenging to go to sleep. Many people often end of staying up way later than they were planning because they get caught up in watching a game, work, scrolling through social media, or playing a game on their phone. Find other more relaxing activities to do before bed such as reading a book or taking a bath.

Watch what you eat and drink

Eat healthy and drink lots of water throughout the day. Avoid eating large meals right before bedtime. Don’t drink alcohol or caffeine, especially right before bed. Alcohol makes it difficult to stay asleep. Caffeine is a stimulate that keeps you awake and makes it difficult to fall asleep.

Exercise early

Exercising promotes better sleep by helping you fall asleep quicker and deeper. Exercise in the morning or in the day and avoid being too active right before bedtime.

Limit or get rid of daytime naps

As nice as daytime naps sound, they can throw off your sleeping pattern at night if you’re not careful. If you do choose to take a nap during the day, limit yourself 30 minutes or less and avoid sleeping late in the day.

What do you do to make sure you are getting the sleep you need? Comment below to share with us.

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