How to Prepare Your Documents for Translation

How to Prepare Your Documents for Translation

Needing a translator for an upcoming project but not sure how to get your files ready? Use the following tips to save both time and money when having a document translated:

Finalize document before submitting

Be sure that the document you submit for translation is your final draft. Making changes after it has been sent to the translator will cost extra time and money.

Send original source files

The majority of files originate from a word-processing format. Sending the document with the original words and coding saves the translator time. The better the source file, the quicker the turnaround and cheaper the project will be for you. Preferably send files in .doc or .rtf format instead of a non-editable PDF as they are easier for a translator to work with.

Send large files through WindowsZip

If sending large files through email, zip them together using WindowsZip. Try avoiding using a less common Zip program as the files can become unusable. Consider using a program such as dropbox for files too large to email, or large enough to slow down email programs.  

When in doubt, ask the translator or project manager if you have any questions. Comment below if you have any questions or additional tips in preparing documents for translation. If you are needing a document translated, email us at for a free quote or with any questions you may have.

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