Keeping Translation Customers Happy: How to Maintain Good Relationships

Keeping Translation Customers Happy: How to Maintain Good Relationships

Almost everyone can think of a time they received less than satisfactory customer service, and many people could even name a company that they simply won’t do business with anymore because of a bad experience they had in the past. As freelancers or translation company managers, ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining strong relationships with clients is an important part of the job. Translators and other language services professionals should make sure that customers have the best possible experience when working with them, not only to maintain a strong client base, but also to ensure that customers are happy and negative feedback or poor recommendations aren’t passed around. Here are one translator’s suggestions for keeping good relationships with clients and making sure they have a positive experience throughout the translation process:

Communication: Nobody likes to be left hanging or wondering what the status of their project is. Make sure to follow up frequently with the client contact. Keep them apprised of progress or setbacks on the project. If something goes wrong or there’s a problem with the job, letting them know sooner rather than later will help them make the necessary adjustments on their end in a timely fashion.

Customer Service: Top-quality customer service can go a long way toward building a good image for your business and making clients happy. Simple things such as being polite and friendly, responding immediately to calls or emails from clients, and delivering projects on time and according to instructions can make a big difference to a client, especially one who may have had a bad experience with other providers in the past.

Initiative: A good translator completes the job exactly as requested—a great translator goes the extra mile when possible. Be proactive and help your customers when needed. If you spot a problem with a source text, tactfully let the client know in case they want to have it fixed. If you haven’t heard from a client in a while, reach out to them and ask if there’s anything you can do. Being proactive can make a big difference in making translators memorable to clients.

Quality: It goes without saying that clients value quality—after all, they’re paying for your services. Make sure that regardless of the client, completed projects reflect your best work and effort. Additionally, find ways to add value to your work that will also help them out—such as offering DTP services if you’re skilled in that area, or producing a subtitled video if that’s one of your skills. Even if you don’t have additional services to offer, ensuring that the final delivery is a quality translation free of errors will go a long way toward building good relationships with clients.

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