How to Find a Good Work-Life Balance as a Freelancer

How to Find a Good Work-Life Balance as a Freelancer

While working from home on your own terms and according to your own schedule may seem appealing at first, many freelancers find that it is difficult to separate work from the other aspects of their daily lives. Successful freelancers know how to work hard and dedicate time to running their business, but they also make room for personal and family time. Here are a few tips from for achieving a good work-life balance as a freelancer:

  1. Make time for adventures. Take time to do fun things that push the limits of your comfort zone. If you aren’t comfortable trying new things outside of the “office,” you may struggle with new and unfamiliar tasks in your work. Make sure to take opportunities to try new things as well as to relax.
  2. If possible, outsource the undesirable. Your freelancing career will be much more enjoyable if you’re able to have someone else do some of the tasks you don’t enjoy or excel at – such as taxes, marketing, or accounting. If circumstances permit, outsource those to someone who specializes in that area. That will free up your time and energy to focus on the work you enjoy and are good at.
  3. Get out and volunteer. Freelancing can be lonely work without coworkers to mingle with. Beat the solitude by getting out and volunteering—which can also provide you with opportunities to meet other professionals and potential clients, not to mention boost your resume and credibility in your field.
  4. Define your own success. Too often freelancers create unrealistic expectations for themselves that prevent them from maintaining a good work-life balance. Just because your friend is making a certain salary or an associate works all weekend long doesn’t mean you have to. One of the primary reasons for freelancing is to be able to work on your own terms—so don’t let anyone else’s terms influence how you create yours.
  5. Be okay with imperfection. Despite setting your own rules and defining your own success, sometimes things will go wrong and life will be stressful. Make sure to be flexible and okay with the fact that things won’t always be perfectly balanced; and then work to find solutions to problems as quickly as possible.
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