How SDT Can Help You with Software Localization

How SDT Can Help You with Software Localization

What is localization? Localization entails the process of adapting languages, graphics, and other elements of a product to fit a culture other than that of the original. Same Day Translations can help your company thrive by offering accurate, timely localization services to prepare your documentation, software, media and websites for worldwide deployment.

The process of localization depends on the item being localized but generally includes translation and an analysis of cultural appropriateness. Cultural appropriateness may include the use of language, metaphors, images, colloquialisms, etc. The goal of localization is to give the finished product the feeling of been created for the specific target market, regardless of the language and culture.

Same Day Translations provides complete, trusted localization services for products, advertising, documents or software. We are your localization partner. Send us a email at for a quote for any of your localization needs.

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