Different Careers for Translators & Interpreters

Different Careers for Translators & Interpreters

Are you interested in working in the field of translation or interpretation? You might be surprised by the many career options in these fields. Translators and interpreters are needed in many different job settings. There are jobs in freelancing, law, medical, politics, corporate, entertainment, etc. Here are just a few career options for translators and interpreters:

Medical Interpreter

Many medical facilities such as hospitals and other health organizations are in need of language interpreters. Medical interpreters help non-English speaking patients communicate with the hospital staff. Medical interpreters often have medical certification, which helps them to understand the information they are interpreting.

Book Translator

Book translators help to translate books or instructions from their native language to their target language.Translators are not only need to deeply understand the required language, but also require understanding the information being translated. A degree in the field of the book being published might help you get the job. Good book translators are able to seamlessly translate the meaning from one language to another.

Freelance Translator

One other translator career option is being a freelance translator. Freelance translators might be hired per project or full-time depending on their contract. Most freelancers, however, work on a contract basis per project and have multiple clients. One pro of being a freelance translator is being able to work wherever and whenever you want.

Court Interpreter

Courts in bilingual areas often are in need of professional interpreters to provide translation in court. Courts often employ interpreters for the day or half-day. Court interpreters are generally required to have studied interpretation at a University and completed the Federal certification exam.

Which career as a interpreter or translator sounds most exciting to you? Comment below and share with us.

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