Closing the Cultural Gap

Closing the Cultural Gap

When traveling abroad for business, be aware of the culture gap between your home country and the country you are doing business with. Below are a few ways to avoid making cultural mistakes when meeting new business colleagues.

  • Be Respectful

    Realize that each culture is different and respect those differences. Take time to research cultural differences, and take them into account. This can go a long way in starting off a relationship with new business partners from other cultures.

  • Use Correct Greetings

    Research the appropriate way to greet someone in the other culture. Whether it is a handshake, bow, hug or kiss. Address others correctly using their professional title, first or last name, degrees, etc.

  • Dress Appropriately

    Wear appropriate clothing for both business meetings and social meetings as this can differ culturally. Cultures have specific attire for these situations, and few things can make you feel more awkward than being over/under dressed when trying to impress business colleagues.

  • Be careful with jokes

    While a joke can be funny in one culture, it can be offensive or not translate well in another culture. When it doubt, play it safe and don’t make the joke.

Comment below what your tips are to decrease the cultural gap when traveling.

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