Are You an Entrepreneur?

Are You an Entrepreneur?

If you don’t own your own business, you probably answered “no” to that question. However, there’s a lot more to being an entrepreneur than simply starting, owning, and running a company. If any of the following characteristics listed on describe you, you just might be an entrepreneur without even realizing it.

You focus on improving skills rather than improving weaknesses. Many employees focus solely on improving the things they aren’t so good at, whereas most entrepreneurs recognize that focusing on weaknesses isn’t nearly as productive as working to emphasize and improve the skills they already have.

You aren’t really a perfectionist. “Better to try and fail than to not have tried at all” is often the mantra of an entrepreneur. They aren’t afraid for a project to fall flat on its face like employees with supervisors often are (although it’s definitely a lot more fun when the project is a success).

You turn down awesome opportunities on a regular basis. Entrepreneurs know that it’s better to focus on the things that matter rather than trying to embrace every opportunity that comes along. Employees, on the other hand, are always trying new things, looking for their “big break.”

You don’t mind delegating things to someone else. Entrepreneurs know the value of delegation and aren’t afraid to do it, but often employees take on too much in an attempt to prove their worth to their boss, their coworkers, and even themselves.

You don’t believe in multi-tasking. Employees try to multi-task in an effort to get lots of things done and feel accomplished. However, entrepreneurs know the value of focusing on the most important work and letting the rest wait until a better time.

You’re a risk taker. Entrepreneurs thrive on risk—after all, the greater the risk, the greater the reward if the opportunity pans out. Employees, however, generally avoid risk, preferring instead to safeguard their paychecks, insurance, pension plans, and other perks that come from working a day job.

You know life isn’t always going to be perfectly balanced, and you’re okay with that. Entrepreneurs recognize that life is full of seasons, and that a perfect work/life balance isn’t always achievable. Sometimes work will take precedence, and sometimes it will take the back seat. Alternately, many employees spend hours of effort trying to maintain a perfect balance, regardless of what’s going on in their work or personal lives.

When you meet someone smarter than you, you offer them a job. For employees, there’s almost nothing worse than meeting someone that seems like a smarter, more capable, and more confident version of themselves. Visions of being replaced at work immediately start flooding their minds. However, entrepreneurs recognize that everyone has various strengths and weaknesses and that a good team is essential for success. So, rather than panicking, they get excited at the prospect of adding another great mind to their team.

Not everyone is cut out to own or run their own business, but many of these characteristics are ones that will lead to success—both in the entrepreneurial world as well as in the common workplace.

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