How to Achieve Your New Year Resolutions

How to Achieve Your New Year Resolutions

At the beginning of each year, it is a tradition to set new goals and resolutions to improve yourself. However, after a few days, weeks, or months many of these goals are forgotten about or given up on. Here are a few tips to actually achieve your New Year resolutions this year:

Make SMART goals

  • Specific- Define your goal as specifically as possible.
  • Measurable- Determine criteria of how you will measure the success of reaching your goal.
  • Attainable- Make sure your goal pushes yourself but is something you can actually achieve.
  • Realistic- Determine if your goal and timeframe are realistic.
  • Timely- Set a timeframe to achieve your goal to keep yourself accountable.

Write down your goals & view them often

When you have created your SMART goals, write them down and keep them in a place you will see them often. Writing down your goals will help you internalize them. Viewing your goals often will help remind you and keep you motivated to achieve them.

Share your goals with a close family member or friend

When you share your goals with someone you love and trust, they can help you achieve your goals. Having someone else keeping you accountable and supporting you can help you stay motivated and on track to achieve your goals.

Plan and schedule time to achieve your goals

Take the time for yourself to work on your goals each week. Schedule it into your day or week. By not making time and actually scheduling your goals, it is easy to forget about them or just not work on them.

Something is better than nothing

Sometimes we get into the mindset that it’s “all or nothing”. That if we mess up once, we can no longer achieve our goal. That is false. Doing something is always better than doing nothing. If you get off track with your goal, don’t give up but keep trying.

Do you have any tips on reaching your New Year resolutions? Comment below and tell us.

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