7 Reasons Why You Should Learn a New Language

7 Reasons Why You Should Learn a New Language

Learning another language can benefit your life in many ways. Here are a 7 reasons why you can learn a new language:

Increased career opportunities

Learning another language can open up more career opportunities. Being bilingual can set you apart from other applicants, increase your pay and give you opportunities to travel abroad for work. Since many countries are doing business internationally, they prefer hiring applicants who can speak at least one foreign language.

Cognitive benefits

There are many cognitive benefits in learning another language such as a longer attention span, memory improvement, improved reasoning skills, and slow cognitive decline.

Improve learning skills

When you learn a language, it trains your brain to think in other ways. When you learn one new language, it is easier to learn a third language because you have already learned skills of how learn and can develop hacks to learn efficiently.

Improve your English

Studying complex grammar in a new language will help you remember and better understand English grammar.  

Increase confidence

Learning a new language gets you out of your comfort zone. You will make many mistakes and learn from them. You must have the courage to speak with native speakers. Through all this trial and error, learning a new language will help increase your confidence.

Develop cross-cultural friendships

When traveling, you can connect and develop lifelong friendships with others by being able to communicate with them in their native language. Even if you aren’t completely fluent, native speakers appreciate you attempting to speak their language as it shows respect.

Understand your own culture

When learning a new language you also learn and draw comparisons and connections about your culture and the culture of the country you are studying.

Stop making excuses and start learning a new language today. Comment below and share with us what language you are learning.

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