7 Packing Tips for Business Travel

7 Packing Tips for Business Travel

Business travel isn’t always easy. Being away from family, sleeping on planes and in airports, and changing time zones, are just a few things that can make business travel stressful and uncomfortable. Packing well can help increase your productivity when traveling and decrease inconveniences. Here are a few ways to make traveling for business a little easier:

  1. Make a packing list

    Create a list of everything you need for your trip. Add items as you think of them and adjust after each trip until you have figured what works best for you. Check the list before you leave to ensure nothing essential has been left behind.

  2. Don’t fold, roll clothes

    Rolling clothes saves space in your suitcase and decreases wrinkled clothing.

  3. Pack outfits, not options

    Overpacking is due to packing more options than you need. Pack outfits, mix and match clothes and accessories to diversify your wardrobe.

  4. Pack leisure clothes

    After being in work meetings all day, you might want to work out or go sight-seeing in the evenings. Pack one leisure outfit so that you don’t always have to wear business clothes.

  5. Pack items in specific locations

    If traveling frequently, pack items in specific locations in your suitcase. By so doing, you will know where things are at quick access.

  6. Carry-on bag only

    Checking a bag takes too much time and can be costly. Decrease stress by going straight through security when arriving to the airport, and you don’t have to worry about lost luggage. Upon arrival, there is no waiting around the baggage claim for your checked luggage to come out.

  7. Travel size toiletries

    TSA requires fluids to be in 3-4 ounce containers. Travel size toiletry items are key. Keep these items together in a plastic bag at easy access to take out at security.

Please comment below and share any other tips you have when traveling for business. 

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