6 Tips in choosing your specialization in translation

6 Tips in choosing your specialization in translation

One way to stand out and earn more money as a translator is to specialize in a specific field. There are many different areas of specialization in translation such as business, law, technology, medicine, science, etc. So how do you decide what to specialize in? Here are a few guidelines that can help you determine what you may want to specialize in and how to do so:

Choose a specialization that you love

What are you interested in? Law, science, finance, business, technology, medicine, etc. If you choose to specialize, choose something that you enjoy researching and learning about.

Use your background

If you already have experience working in a particular field, consider specializing as a translator in that background. However, if you still have an interest in another field than your current background you can still specialize in any area that you are interested in.

The bigger that language, the more specialization is needed

Specialization is more important when you are working with a popular language pair. For example, if you are a translator working with Spanish, English or German, then you’ll need to specialize so that you can find more opportunities in that market.

Specializing can increase your work

Work usually increases when specializing. Clients who are in need of your specialization will consider you their go-to person for translation in your area of expertise.

Specialize in an area that’s in demand

One way to potentially earn more money as a translator is to choose an area of expertise that is in demand. Some specializations that are currently in demand include law, finance, medicine, patents, technology, engineering, advertising, etc.

Become and expert in your specialization

Be the best in your area of expertise. Take courses in your specialization or spend time in that field to increase your terminology and gain experience.

With the help of these tips, we hope that you will be able to choose a specialization that is right for you. Share below with us what specialization interests you the most and why.

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