5 Ways to Help Increase Your Productivity at Work

5 Ways to Help Increase Your Productivity at Work

Making the most of your time at work is important to accomplish your goals and advance in your career. Increasing your productivity at work isn’t rocket science but does require managing your time better and working smarter. Here are a few strategies that can help:

1. Take breaks regularly

Taking breaks may seem counterintuitive but can help improve your concentration and decrease stress. Schedule time to take short breaks throughout the day. Take a walk outside or exercise to help clear your mind and increase focus when working.

2. Turn off notifications

Concentration is easily interrupted by constant notifications of emails flooding in, text messages, and phone calls. When interrupted, it can take 5 minutes to get back to your previous train of thought, wasting a lot of precious time. By turning off notifications on your phone and computer, you can stay focused when working.

3. Stay Organized

Unorganized papers and documents can be a big distraction. Having a clean, organized workspace can help you get more done. Set up a system that works for you of where your organize and store your files to increase your efficiency and get rid of any junk that you don’t need.  

4. Prioritize tasks

Rank your tasks based on which are most important, when projects are due or the task difficulty. Schedule out time to focus on tasks that need to be accomplished that day and give yourself the correct amount of time needed to accomplish that task.

5. Find out what works for you

Some people work best in the mornings, while others work better in the evenings. Some are more productive working with music in the background, while others prefer silence. Find out what things make you more productive when working and get rid of habits that make you less productive.

What do you do to increase productivity at work? Comment below and share with us.

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