4 Strategies To Keep Your Clients Happy

4 Strategies To Keep Your Clients Happy

Are my clients happy with the services my company is providing? This is an important question you must stop and ask yourself periodically. Retaining your current client’s loyalty drives referrals, revenue and long-term success. However, keeping your clients happy can sound easier said than done. Forest Research concluded that it can cost a company five times more trying to find a new customer than simply retaining their current customers.

So, back to the question, how can I keep my clients happy? Focus on how you can help your current customers feel satisfied and happy with the services you provide. By so doing, you will decrease your churn rate or client turnover. Here are a few tips that can help your company keep your clients happy:

Be transparent

Honesty and transparency go a long way with customers. State upfront with them what services you provide and what customers can expect from your service. If mistakes are made, customer loyalty increases based on how they are handled.

Respond quickly to emails

Respond to emails quickly, always within a 24-hour time period. Quick response times help customers know they are being cared for. At Same Day Translation, we strive to make sure we respond to all inquires and emails as quickly as possible and to have the document returned within the same day. We take pride in our cultural appropriateness and trusted quality in our translations, all within the time frame that works best for our clients.

Be the top of your field & strive for good reviews

Strive to be the best business in the market you are in. By being a leader in your market and having good reviews, clients are more likely to stay with your company. Ask clients to review your service, to know which areas you are excelling in and to know which areas you can focus improving on.

Keep in touch

Communicate with your clients regularly. Depending on which field you are in, find a way to keep in touch with all of your clients regularly. At Same Day Translations, we send out our blog post and newsletter each week to keep in touch.

Are you in need of any translation services? Send us an email at info@samedt.com and we’d love to help you. Our goal at Same Day Translations is to help our clients communicate effectively internationally. We consistently work our hardest to provide the highest quality translations in the quickest time frame that works best for our clients.

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