3 Ways to Decrease Burnout as a Freelancer

3 Ways to Decrease Burnout as a Freelancer

Do you feel like you are stretched thin and can’t get ahead with your work? When your business relies completely on you as a freelancer, you cannot afford to burn out. Burnout can lead to a creative block and decrease your motivation, which decreases your work productivity. Here are a couple of ways to help avoid burnout as a freelancer:

Decrease Stress

Whether it’s from your business or life, take the time to eliminate stress. Freelancers often have a lot on their plate. Take time to do a daily activity that helps you to decrease stress, such as exercising. Take time off work for a vacation. If you have a client who is too demanding or you don’t like the work you are doing for them, set more realistic expectations with them, or if you must, let them client go.

Don’t overcommit

As a freelancer, you can quickly become overworked and stretched too thin by overcommitting to too many projects at once. You don’t have to say “yes” to every project. It’s not easy saying no to projects because you are turning down money, but you have to balance your time. Evaluate your time and how many projects you can take on at one time so that you don’t overwork yourself.

Set a schedule

One of the pros of freelancing is that you have the freedom of working whenever you like, but can easily lead to procrastination and cramming to get jobs done. Set a time and days that you will be working and do your best to stick to it. After a while in the business, you should have a good feel for how long typical jobs will take. Schedule accordingly.  

Are you currently dealing with burnout as a freelancer? Comment and share with us what you have done to overcome it.

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