3 Ways to Create Great Blog Post Headlines

3 Ways to Create Great Blog Post Headlines

If your company has a website but are struggling increasing traffic, you are not alone. Every company wants to create viral content, but most people fail. One of the secrets to increasing blog traffic is creating engaging headlines. Here are a few tips that can help:

Give numbers to your readers

The bigger the numbers you use, the faster the post will spread. Here are a few examples which can help improve your headlines:

  1. Use lists: “20 reasons to…”, “7 Ways to…” – By listing a number of items on your post makes your post sound more diverse and easier to read.
  2. Use digits instead of words: “8 Tips to…” is better than “Eight Tips to…”
  3. Start with the number in your headline: “3 Ways to Save Money” versus “Save money in 3 ways”

Use general keywords

Use general keywords in a headline to increase your blog’s chances in going viral such as smart, hacks, surprising, huge, critical, etc.

Everyone likes to learn

Use words such as “The beginners guide”, “DIY”, “Introduction,” etc. in your headlines. Decrease use of “How to…” as posts with those titles tend not to spread as far. Everyone likes to learn new things. Be specific so people will know from your title what they will be reading about.

We hope these tips will help increase traffic to your blog. Comment below and share with us any additional tips you have in increasing blog engagement.

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