Languages for International Business

Languages for International Business

There are some languages that are predominantly used in business throughout the world. Companies today work on global platforms, so communication is extremely important for expansion and retaining international markets. Here are the top five languages used in business today and why:

  1. English

    English is currently the language used most often in international business. It is the most prominent language in the world and must be learned to open up important doors in business.

  2. Chinese (Mandarin)

    China has the second largest economy in the world and it’s no surprise that Chinese is becoming a very important language in the business world. Chinese is the most widely spoken first language and China is one of the top trading partner with the United States. As China’s wealth and consumerism continue to grow, expanding into China will be beneficial to your business. Knowing the Chinese language is very helpful when expanding into China and other Chinese speaking markets.

  3. Spanish

    Spanish is hardly a foreign language now in the United States. With the rise of the Hispanic population, employers are seeking those who speak Spanish. Hispanic consumers are the fastest growing market segment now in North America. There has been large economic growth in Latin American countries in the past few decades as well. Latin America is known as a major source for their raw materials which has increased their international trade. Being able to communicate with customers, vendors, and employees in the Spanish language is vital.

  4. Portuguese

    Portuguese is the sixth most widely spoken language in the world. Brazil is one of the world’s leading emerging markets, and has become a world powerhouse in economic and industrial supplies. Furthermore, knowing Portuguese has become very important in business, due to the trade of Brazil’s natural resources.

  5. Russian

    Russian is important in business due to its natural resources such as oil, natural gas and metals. Having Russian speaking employees will go a long way when dealing with other Russian companies. Being one of the more difficult languages in the world to learn, having the ability to speak Russian can make you stand out as a prospective employee as well.

These languages are the most dominant in international business today. Looking for translation or interpretation? Reach out to us at Same Day Translations for any help you may need to help your business grow.

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