The Kind of Client We’re Looking For

The Kind of Client We’re Looking For

We’re hoping that you are the client we’re looking for. We hope that you’re on our website, learning about us, and deciding if we’ll be a good fit. Well, first things first, any client who needs translation or interpretation work done is our type of client.

We love to help with any size or type of translation need.

However, we do have a ‘perfect’ client that we like to keep in mind. Our perfect client wants to work with us continuously, for repeat projects and work. We love to have clients that we can get to know and form a relationship with. We don’t just want to work for you once. We want to create a partnership.

That’s why our perfect client is a repeat client.

That means that the perfect client does business in more than one language on a consistent basis, with new projects such as new manuals, new documents, etc.

If that sounds like you, or even if you just have a one-time need, contact us. We’d love to help!

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