Fastest Growing International Markets

Fastest Growing International Markets

Every company needs to think about growth and business expansion. But knowing how to do so is often a challenge. Expanding your business to international markets may be the key to your company’s continued success. Rapid growth markets are those that have recently experienced major economic growth and could be strategically important for your company to consider. The top four rapidly growing markets are referred to as BRIC:

  1. Brazil

    Known for their mining and agriculture. Brazil is also a power in the world energy market because of their large oil reserves.

  2. Russia

    Has many raw materials such as oil, natural gas and metals. They are the second-largest oil exporter in the world and second to the US in the high tech arms industry.

  1. India

    Growing due to it’s high technology, manufacturing and services.

  1. China

    Is the largest manufacturing and export economy in the world.

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